The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the executive body of NEEMO EEIG ensuring the ordinary smooth functioning of the EEIG; it receives the mandate from the Assembly and it has full legal representative powers. The Directors accept their role on the basis of their commitment to act for the overall general benefit of the EEIG and not for any specific member or their personal interest. Their decisions and behaviour must be strictly committed to the achievement of the highest level possible compromise balancing the expectations of all members of the EEIG. In this perspective, Directors’ decisions remain valid until recalled.


 Among other things, the BoD:


 - keeps overall control of the performance of all bodies of the EEIG and of any Third Party performing specific tasks on the basis of a contractual arrangement;

- directs the work of the Administration Team;

- convenes the Assembly;

- reports to the Assembly on the administrative and financial management of the EEIG;

- represents the EEIG towards any Third Party;

- enters into contracts which are necessary for the successful implementation of the operations;


The Directors are elected for 2 years and may be re-elected. The Board of Directors comprises as well the General Coordinator.

Johannes WALTER